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CCRP Celebrates Grandparent's Day with Electrifying Performances



Kingston, Jamaica, Monday, October 1: Carl Campbell’s Recycled Teenagers from the National Council of Senior Citizens (NCSC) gave an electrifying performance at the CCRP’s Grandparents’ Day Celebration at The Deck in New Kingston.  Patrons were awestruck as Mr. Campbell and some twenty seniors from the group thrilled the crowd with their stirring performance of Michael Jackson’s, ‘Will you be there’.


The National Senior Citizens Week of activities culminated with the CCRP’s Grandparents’ Day Celebration on Sunday, September 30.   Over a hundred CCRP and NCSC members braved the weather to attend the function.  In addition to the Recycled Teenagers performance, the crowd was also entertained by a fashion show with models from the two seniors’ organisation, strutting on the runway in a beautiful array of casual and formal wear.  Emcee for the evening, the dynamic Keith Binns, kept the crowd in high spirits as he shared amusing anecdotes that had the crowd erupting with peals of laughter.


In addition to the evening’s entertainment, Grandparents were given the opportunity to have their photographs taken as a keepsake of the occasion at a photo booth set up by BCIC, the main sponsors of the event.


Two friends of the CCRP were also honoured at the function.  Mrs. Beverly Hall-Taylor, outgoing Executive Director of the NCSC was honoured for her years of service to seniors in Jamaica and Mr. Arun Sethi for his generously in producing the CCRP Jamaica 50 Living Legacy Awards feature. Gate prizes and prizes for the Best Outfit in Jamaica colours were also given to Patrons courtesy of BCIC and the National Baking Company.


Grandparents’ Day is celebrated annually in Jamaica on the last Sunday in September.


The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons was launched in April 2010, with the mission of “working to ensure that the vast talent, experience and wisdom of our seniors will be respected, and that they enjoy the quality of life which they so richly deserve.”

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