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CCRP Second Anniversary Message from the Chair


Dear CCRP Members,


I would like to congratulate each and every member of the CCRP as we look back on our first two years as an important advocacy and service group, making a significant contribution to national life.


Our organization can be proud of a number of valuable achievements:

  • We have mobilized nearly 700 senior Jamaicans and provided strong support for their continued involvement in, and contribution to, community and country.
  • -
  • We have made significant progress in sensitizing the general public to the needs, rights, and value of senior citizens.
  • -
  • We continue to be extremely proactive in serving as a vital resource for retired persons and those preparing for retirement. This has included
  • hosting a series of valuable educational and social functions.
  • -
  • We continue to serve as an active advocate for pensioners and other seniors. Our ongoing advocacy on behalf of the Windalco pensioners is a case in point.
  • -
  • Our two major events, the "Living Legacy" Awards Luncheon in February 2012, and our 2nd Anniversary Expo hailing 5 senior Olympians (the "Diamonds in Jamaica's Gold") have honoured over 70 senior Jamaicans who have made outstanding contributions to national development. In doing so, we have documented their achievements for posterity as well as holding up their sacrifices to inspire others.
  • -
  • And most recently moved to establish a Mandeville Chapter, and plans are underway for a  Montego Bay Chapter in the near future.


I would like to commend our executives for the work done in heading the organization, as well as leading the various working committees during our first two years.


As we celebrate our second anniversary we are particularly appreciative to our founder Mrs.  Jean Lowrie-Chin who is also the owner of PROComm, and members of her company including her family.  She was inspired by the contributions of her own parents, and determined to make the aging process a positive and empowering one for us all. We are very fortunate that someone with her extensive knowledge in promoting new ideas was the brainchild of CCRP because it has made a big difference to our success in getting going as she and members of her company have used all their skills on behalf of CCRP.


The organization is housed at the PROComm office and uses all their facilities, office space, stationery, transportation, to mention just a few items and so we have a lovely home and we are grateful.  We are indeed grateful to the PROComm Team –  in particular CCRP Coordinator Mrs. Dorett Linton and Administrative Assistant Mrs. Angela Foote.


We are also deeply grateful for the extensive support from our generous sponsors, some of whom have been with us from inception, these include: Lasco who was our first sponsor, CIBC FristCaribbean International Bank, Sagicor Life Jamaica, Wisynco, Guardsman Group, BPM Financial, RJR Group, The Gleaner, The Observer, J. Wray & Nephew Limited, Hertz International, Appliance Traders Limited, Video Partners, Jamaica Broilers, National Baking Company, Every Blooming Thing, NEM Insurance, Tastee and Digicel.


We must also thank the voluntary committees – Hospitality chaired by Dr. Jean Small, Membership chaired by Mrs. Karen Gauntlett and Caring chaired by Mrs. Irene Walter.  These volunteers have shown great generosity of spirit.


This wonderful collaboration of members, executive officers, sponsors and supporters illustrates the true relevance of the term "Community" in our title. Let us continue to work – and enjoy 'Life to the Fullest' – together, for the good of us all.


Happy Second Anniversary, CCRP!


Prof. Denise Eldemire-Shearer

Chair, CCRP

Our Sponsors